A few tips for beginners from “Norwegian” with experience

I like to become these animals – a solid body, a chic tail, more reminiscent of a squirrel tail or even a foxtail, which the Norwegians very proudly wear (they wear it!), Like a flag! The Norwegian profile is a separate topic for admiration. Aristocratic, direct “Greek” profile! The chic mane that adorns the Norwegian head reminds me of a lion, and all the poses that this breed takes are full of dignity, just like a big wild relative. These animals know their worth!

Good representatives of all indigenous breeds have their easily recognizable

features. Norwegian in a beautiful breed type – well-dressed, with a luxurious mane, chic tail, and aristocratic profile will not leave anyone indifferent. These cats have their own beauty!

Anyone who has ever had the luck of talking with a representative of a Norwegian forest breed, imperceptibly for himself, begins to think and dream more and more about this breed, so to speak, to become sick with Norwegians…

What to advise to the beginner? Norway is better to buy already grown up, 4-5 months, and preferably six. At this age, it is already becoming clear what will grow out of this kitten. And the fear that the kitten has already grown and will not perceive the new owners is unfounded.

When choosing a kitten, be sure to look at the parents to see how they meet the standards. It is advisable to ask for the pedigrees of the parents, as often the ads “Norwegian kittens practically for nothing” flicker on the resources. You start to find out where the Norwegians are from, and it turns out: Dad is very similar to Norwegian, mom is a Norwegian, she’s the purest water, only her parents don’t have any documents, it happened by accident! And the kittens are purebred Norwegians !!!

When choosing a kitten, pay attention to the skeleton: the child should be well built (strong, muscular body on strong limbs), the Norwegian hind legs should be longer than the front ones, due to which its back looks slightly curved. Consider also the tail – it should not be short, as well as the ears – at 4-5 months it is already clear what the child’s ears are: brushes, of course, are desirable, but the absence of brushes is not a crime. Take a look at the profile – the Norweg should not have a “stop”.

And most importantly, listen to your heart – if it happily shakes and pounds in your chest, then this particular child is yours! Because Norwegian is more than a pet: it’s a friend, favorite and family member!

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