General characteristics of the animal (according to the standards of many systems)

Body. From medium to large. Muscular, heavy or moderate in a rectangular format (In adult animals, the width in the shoulders and croup is the same). The limbs are also muscular, medium length, short, with tufts of hair between the fingers. Strong, strong. Paws are large compact, round. The hind limbs are slightly longer than the front. The neck should be strong and muscular, short. The chest is wide, powerful, well developed. The body is long, muscular. The back is heavier than the front. Fat deposits on the stomach are acceptable (small fat tail). The size of the cat is smaller than the size of the cat.

Head. Strong, massive. The rounded muzzle forms the apex of an equilateral triangle or a wide wedge, the sides of which are well-developed cheeks. Cheekbones are rounded, wide. The upper part of the head between the ears has a pronounced flat surface. A smooth profile with a slight transition, the back of the nose is only slightly concave. The chin is strong. The head should be proportional to the body.

Eyes. Large, oval, wide open. Set wide, at a slight angle. Eye color should only be in the blue-blue range. The brighter and richer the shade of eye color, the better.

The ears. Medium in size, broad at the base, with slightly rounded tips. Set wide, slightly inclined forward. There is wool on the inside, and there may be brushes on the end.

Wool. The wool of a rich structure, semi-long or long. The texture is soft to the touch, silky, thick. When the cat moves, the hair sways and rises. In a calm state, it is adjacent to the body. The wool is the longest on the neck as if forming a frill-collar. On the muzzle, the hair is the shortest, gradually lengthening when moving from the top of the head, first to the shoulder blades and then to the back. On the sides and abdomen, the coat is of medium length or long. The hair on the forelimbs is shorter than on the hind limbs. “Panties” on the hind legs are very desirable. The color of the coat should be in the correct ratio of dark and light.

The tail is long, slightly sharpened, evenly pubescent.

The condition. The cat must match the characteristics of the breed. She should be in excellent physical shape, healthy, well-groomed, not have anatomically expressed defects. It should not have signs of exhaustion or obesity, it should be clean, with clean eyes, claws, nasal passages.

Disadvantages. Profile with a “stop”, with a sharper transition; too thick undercoat due to which it seems that the wool is bristling; large or, conversely, small ears. Pale, desaturated eye color. Narrow or almond-shaped eyes. Skinny, narrow chest, squat body. Long, narrow neck. Short or too long legs, deformation of the bone structure anywhere. If the animal is not in good condition. Short coat on the chest or body (seasonally controlled shedding of the animal is taken into account).

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