How to train my cat to go to the WC

Do you want to teach your cat to use the bathroom? Nora talks about dog proof cat litter boxes. Well, it’s not a joke or a movie, because it’s possible to train your cat to use the toilet. It’s not a simple or quick process but with patience you will be able to get your pet to use the toilet as a litter box. It will be easier for a trained cat to learn it than a more wild one, but don’t give up because cats are very smart. At we tell you how to train your cat to go to the toilet.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you need to do to get your cat to use the toilet is to place her litter tray in the toilet. You’ll need to place it near the toilet, so that every time she uses it she’ll get used to entering that area of the house. So a good way to start is to put her litter box inside.

You shouldn’t have any problems with this first step, every time your cat wants to relieve herself she’ll go to the bathroom where her litter tray is waiting, probably within a couple of days she’ll adjust.


The next step in getting your cat to use the toilet is to lift the litter tray off the floor. Bear in mind that the toilet is raised and the box is at floor level, to overcome this obstacle you’ll need to train your cat to gradually climb up to toilet height. Take a phone book, an encyclopaedia and gradually raise the litter tray until she gets used to being at toilet level.

Be careful and make sure that the box is well placed on top of books or other material, as if it is unstable your cat could fall over and it is the kind of experience your pet will remember. So make sure the tray is centred on that surface that lifts it up, because your cat will have a hard time learning this if she is traumatised.


Once the box is at toilet level, you’ll have to move it closer to the toilet. Every day a little more, this movement must be progressive, you can not go from a corner to directly attached. Push the sand tray every day, until one day it hits the toilet. When that time comes you will have to put it on top. When you put it on the toilet again, make sure it’s centred so your cat doesn’t panic.

You’ll need to start reducing the amount of sand so that it becomes unaccustomed to both the stones and the box. So gradually remove the sand until you get a very thin layer, no more than a couple of centimetres high.


In the next step you should try to change your cat’s mentality and that is that it should go from doing its needs in a box to doing it inside the toilet. Here you have different alternatives but with a simple bowl you have at home will be useful. You can create your own litter box with that container you put in the toilet and a strong paper to support the weight of your cat under the lid. You can also place sand to keep your pet comfortable and keep a certain memory of your sandbox to relate to.


Now you will have to make a hole in the paper you have placed and remove the bowl definitively. After several days doing your needs there, it will be time to make a hole in the paper so that the needs fall into the water. It is a somewhat complex phase but we recommend calm and patience until your cat feels comfortable doing it.

As he gets used to it, you can make the hole in the paper bigger and bigger until there is nothing left and also remove the sand you put on the paper. Remember, your cat needs to get used to doing this without sand, so you’ll need to gradually remove it to support her new attitude.


Every time your cat uses the toilet you’ll have to flush. Cats don’t like to urinate or defecate on their needs, and it’s not hygienic because the smell is so strong. So flush when your pet uses the toilet, for their sake and ours. And remember, to reinforce that attitude, you should give your cat a treat every time she goes to the toilet so your pet knows she’s done something good and wants to do it again to receive your reward.

In this article we give you 6 tips to educate a cat that will help you, over time, can go to fulfill the teachings that you are indicating.

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