Norwegian Forest Cat – Who Is It?

Norwegian Forest Cat is a native breed of Scandinavia. Representatives of the breed are powerful big cats, captivating with their appearance, strong physique, rich fur coats, a stern look and character, which is an amazing way combines independence and devotion.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is beautiful with its pristine beauty. With its appearance, it personifies the harsh Scandinavian nature. For several centuries of natural.

Norwegian selection adapted perfectly to their natural habitat. They are perfectly adapted to survive the long, cold and windy winters, dank and damp weather of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Norway’s pride and national treasure. For a long time, the export of these beautiful animals from the country was banned. Perhaps this is the reason that cats of this breed are very popular in Europe, but, unfortunately, in our country, they are rarely seen even at exhibitions.

The history of the breed goes back to the early Middle Ages. No matter how funny this sounds, the warlike and harsh Vikings stood at the origins of the breed. The sea routes of the military and trade expeditions of the Vikings extended from the northwest, far to the southeast, and vice versa. Travels, as a rule, were long, and the need arose to preserve stocks and provisions from rodents. That’s why the Vikings took cats to their Drakkar.

Cats brought to Scandinavia many centuries ago became the progenitors of modern representatives of the breed. Arriving at the peninsula, cats learned to live in new conditions and adapted to life in the northern forests. For centuries, the appearance of the modern “Norwegian” has been formed. All this time, cats had to live “in two houses”: the forest was their home for them, and the peasant farm was their patrimony, especially in winter, when hunting problems arose and barns were teeming with rodents. So the Norwegian forest cat can be fully called the “Norwegian farm cat”.

This situation has persisted for centuries. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, Norwegian forest cats were on the verge of extinction. The reason for this was the frequent crossbreeding with short hair representatives of the cat family. It was then that people truly appreciated the beauty and uniqueness of this breed and took up its preservation. In 1938, at an exhibition in Oslo, the Norwegian Forest Cat was first named the Norwegian National Cat. But this topic has not been developed – the Second World War intervened and stopped this process for a long time.

It was not until 1963 that the National Association of Pedigree Cats (The Norwegian National Association of Pedigree or Norske Rasekattklubbers Riksforbund (NRR)) was formed in Norway, and the program for the conservation, restoration, and development of the breed was resumed in 1972. As a breed, the Norwegian forest cat was officially recognized in Norway in 1973.

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