Perfect friend and family member

Norway is a full member of the family with a special attitude towards everyone, with a very clear distribution of roles: “master”, “breadwinner”, “friend and partner for games”… They have a special, reverent attitude towards children: if they were not able to immediately “slip away” ” From tenacious children’s hugs, he tries to relax all his limbs and practically does not breathe, so as not to accidentally injure the baby with his powerful claws. Norway will wait patiently for the opportunity to slip out of captivity. This amazing pet will never go down to tantrums and aggression: it is a balanced and self-sufficient breed, and the character and habits of these cats are more like dogs.

Norway cannot be called a “grabber” or “knee pad”, but it will always be with you at arm’s length to stay up to date with all the events. It is extremely important for him to keep the situation in the house under control. However, there are times when a Norwegian wants to express his love for a person – then he can lick your nose, try to wash you or make you hairstyle rapturously … And this is impressive! Big Norwegian and loves with all his big soul, without a trace!

Once, at one of the online forums in Yekaterinburg, I stumbled upon the topic “Norwegian Forest – Wild Charm” … In my opinion, it’s difficult to find a more accurate phrase! 100 percent hit!

Norwegian Forest Cat is an intelligent cat and an intellectual. On her face you can read all thoughts and emotions, she can clearly show all her desires and requests with an expression of “face” and certain poses.

Norway is a companion cat, they can easily coexist not only with a feline team but also with any other animals. I will never forget how my Norwegian ran around the dacha beds in a “catch-up” with a neighbor’s dog, and my cat was always the initiator of all the games! And in one of the kennels in Poland, I was surprised to see a funny picture: a big parrot sat on a chair holding a cat “teaser” in its paw, and downstairs, playing with this “teaser”, Norwegian forest kittens frolic!

But even if the Norweg is the only pet in the house, this also does not overshadow his existence, since all your attention belongs only to his person. Norwegian forest cats are very smart, affectionate and playful. They get used to strangers for quite some time, but once attached, they remain loyal to the owners for life. They are detached and independent, and at the same time, they subtly feel the owners, knowing how to “treat” them with their heat.

There are no particular difficulties in the maintenance of the Norwegian, the main thing is to love your pet, and then all the cares of care will not be a burden to you.

Norwegian forest can hardly be called a sofa: representatives of this breed are extremely active. They are very fond of height, so it is advisable to put a game complex in the house so that your pet has the opportunity to show his natural abilities to an excellent jumper and climber. And when you see with what pride your treasure looks at you from a height of 2-3 meters, you will have another reason to smile!

And every Norwegian likes to play under a stream of water. Still, it would! After all, nature gave him a waterproof fur coat! Water rolls off her, like… water off a goose! By the way, about a fur coat… As a rule, Norwegians molt once a year, most often in spring. But I would not call it a problem. It is enough to reduce your pet to a groomer or comb out the molted wool yourself, as all the chores end there. And in order for the Norwegian fur coat to be rich, it is advisable that your pet has the opportunity to walk in the snow if it is possible to build an aviary; if this is not possible, then you can take walks on a special leash. In a warm apartment, he does not need to dress in chic clothes, so if you want to see the Norwegian in all its glory, do not be lazy! It turns out a double benefit – and you breathe fresh air, and Norwegian nice!

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