Ragdoll: cats with a difficult history and a sunny future

The history of the origin of the Ragdoll breed

The Ragdoll breed, which is literally translated from English as “rag doll”, has a very interesting history. This wonderful breed was developed by Ann Baker, a breeder from Riverside, California. Conversations with Danny Dayton and the correspondence of Ann Baker with her follower Blanche Herman indicate that Ann began to try to develop the breed.

Ragdoll around 1963. The inspiration came to her at the moment when she saw the cat Josephine and learned her story. Josephine had a white color and semi-long coat, according to several sources it can be argued that she was either a Persian or an angora breed. According to the historical version, Anne Baker is convinced that Josephine and her offspring differed in wild behavior until the accident in which this cat got into it changed everything. Having been in a car accident, Josephine was injured in the head and, according to some, even lost her eye. She was rushed to the local University of California hospital. Ann claims that during the treatment with the cat there was some kind of “genetic change”, as a result of which it was noticed that subsequent litters from Josephine, that is, those born after the accident, differ from litters born before the accident. They were not wild – they were playful, loving and relaxed. They seemed to crave human attention; the kittens began to sag when they were picked up, like rag toys from a child. This is precisely what gave the idea for the name of the new breed: RAGDOLL – “rag doll”.

Anne borrowed from her neighbors Pennels a cat that looked like a Sacred Burma cat and tied it with Josephine. From this couple, Daddy Warbucks was born. Anne also acquired Josephine’s daughter, Buckwheat, from the same Pennels family and tied Bakvet to Daddy Warbucks. As a result, the cat appeared Fujianna (Fugianna). Keep in mind that none of these animals was Ragdoll, but it was they who became the basis for the creation of the Ragdoll breed. It is from these four cats – Josephine, Deddy Varbuks, Fujianna, and Bakvet – that this wonderful, special breed comes from. However, only Warbucks and Fujianna were registered as Ragdolls in the National Association of Cat Lovers (NCFA) in 1966.

After many years, thanks to the work of Anne, the breed will become famous and beloved, capturing cat lovers with its pleasant temperament, large size, soft coat, and bright appearance. Currently, Josephine’s cat is no longer mentioned, and her three children took the main role: Deddy, Bakvet, and Fujianna – her offspring, which successfully continued the development of the Ragdoll breed.

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