The history of the Ragdolls

At the initial stage of breed development, it was crucial to minimize inbreeding in order to expand the gene pool. Anne decided that Bakvet would be the founder of the Dark Line, and Fujianna would be the founder of the Light Line. At the next stage, Anne mated Deddy Varbuks with Bakvet, and in the summer of 1965, they litter of four kittens – two one-color Huber and Mitts – and two-point kittens – Kyoto, seal mitted and Tiki seal color colorpoint. Kyoto, Tiki, Daddy Warbucks, and Fujianna were the first Anne cats registered as Ragdolls. This happened on December 30, 1966. Two other kittens, Huber and Mitts, were never registered as Ragdolls.

Anne Baker was included in the list of breeders and from that moment she became the owner of Tiki and Kyoto. According to some reports, her nursery was called “RaggedyAnn”. And Merl Pennel (Merl Pennel) was registered as a breeder Daddy Warbucks and Fujianna, but Ann Baker is their owner.

From 1965 to 1969, Ann tried to improve the quality and increase the number of breeding animals for the development of the breed. In the first mention of the Ragdolls, the fact of selling animals for breeding in early 1969 to Denny and Laura Dayton (Denni & LauraDaytons), who bought their first Ragdoll breeding pair from Anne Baker, was noted. They named the cat’s Buddy and Rosie. These cats became producers of their cattery Blossom-Time. It is from these small undertakings that the majority of our current Ragdolls originate from the Dayton. In the years 1969-1973, Denny Dayton tried very hard to work with Anne to help promote the breed, but Anne wanted to maintain full control over what she considered the “gold mine”. She feared the rise of the Ragdolls among breeders. In order to regulate the constant flow of money from the sales of the Ragdolls.

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