We all have one shared love – cats

How long have you been doing cats? What was the name of your first cat, what breed was it? What breed did professional breeding start with for you, and why with this one?
  • I bought my first thoroughbred cat in England in 1998, and in fact, since then I have been doing it – that is, for 18 years now. My friend bred boxer dogs, and he needed to meet a breeder from Dover, bred part-time Ragdolls. So for the first time, I saw these cats and immediately fell hopelessly in love. I booked a kitten from the next litter, and a few months later I brought home this ball of wool and tenderness. Pretty soon, Smaji (Dajoxx Bounty of Bevy on the passport) fell in love with all the household. In 2000, we decided to return to Romania, and then I finally got the courage to do the breeding. I bought one cat from the same breeder and one more from a cattery in the USA. And so it began. The first fruit of this decision brought in 2001. The culture of professional cat breeding in Romania at that time was just in its infancy, and I actually had to stand at its origins, found the first FIFe club. Since then, my son and I bred Cornish (nursery Made In Romania), Persians, Singapore, and now also Selkirkov. Ragdoll and my husband always bred.
Your first exhibition as a judge. What were your impressions?
  • In 2005 I began to study as an expert, and in 2007 I got qualifications in a semi-long-haired group. I started all this because I love all breeds of cats and in this way, I can touch them all at a lower cost than getting them at home! I was SO unsure of myself that for the first time sitting at the judging table, I felt that everything I had learned over the years had vanished from my head. It was very embarrassing: I remember that in the first few months I was VERY nervous before each exhibition. However, then she got involved and began to enjoy it. It got to the point that if I do not judge for more than a month, this is VERY lacking for me.
As a Ragdoll breeder, please tell us about the current state and development of the breed. How do you like the “new type” of Ragdolls?
  • This issue has been rising more and more recently. No, I do not accept this new type as it does not meet the standards. If we would like to see more of these new cats – all organizations, and not just one, should adopt a new standard. The original standard was adopted by TICA and has been around for many years without significant changes. Standards from other organizations are adapted versions of the original. Since we buy and sell animals throughout Europe and America, it is important for us that the types and standards are as consistent as possible. When I say that it’s hard to work with the Ragdolls – I mean that. A little kitten does not always look like a beautiful swan, but if it has the potential, I just wait for it to grow up. But modern breeders breed these “new” ragdolls solely for the sake of winning exhibitions, but not for breed development. I have seen VERY many cute kittens in my judicial career, but a couple of years have passed and they no longer win: they are no longer cute, not up to standard. From my own experience, I will say that kittens will never be better than in 2-4 months, and even then we can say what they will grow into. By six months, there is a significant imbalance, an incorrect head size, eye color, and pointing.

In which country are the most popular Ragdolls and in which country have you seen the best representatives of the breed?

  • This is a difficult question. Honestly, I saw wonderful animals in all corners of the world, but it seems to me that breeding cat people are most in Poland or Finland. Ragdolls are extremely popular, many start breeding, having learned the price of the issue, but without having any knowledge about the specifics of the breed. Breeding is very difficult, sometimes we are lucky to get one typical kitten per litter, with a good color, pattern and eye color. We do not control white spots, we only need to collect information about patterns, which even DNA analysis does not help us. For example, will an animal grow into a full-fledged bicolor, or will it form high stockings of a mitted color? Only a pedigree study over many years or test bindings will help answer such questions.
What is your date of birth and zodiac sign?
  • November 27, it turns out that I am Sagittarius.
What kind of vacation do you prefer? (active, beach, meditation or something else)
  • I love cross-stitching, stitching (when animals do not steal my pins), and once I was engaged in professional cutting for fun. Because of the kittens, I rarely manage to go somewhere to rest, because as a vacation I take refereeing at exhibitions. I enjoy the process because I meet old and make new friends, we all have one shared love – cats.
Your favorite country? And the city?
  • “All of Europe, of course!” So many wonderful countries and amazing cities full of history. I lived a lot where: in Harare, Paris, London, Miami, New York, now I live in Budapest. It’s hard for me to think of a city as a favorite: everyone is a wonderful place.
What is your favorite food?
  • Seafood!
What is your favorite drink?
  • Vodka and diet cola (laughs).
Do you have a hobby besides cats?
  • Sewing when I find the time.
What gift is perfect for you?
  • Our family celebrates Christmas in a special way. Each family member buys everyone else a present, not more than € 10 apiece. As a result, on Christmas morning, the house is filled with jokes and laughter, because gifts are always funny and sometimes completely crazy. In addition, you understand that a person has been searching and thinking for a long time because picking up something cheaper than ten euros is not so simple. This morning in itself is already a wonderful gift for me, because the children are nearby and the house is full of laughter.
What is your life motto?
  • Enjoy every minute of life, do not wish evil, take responsibility for your actions and live because we are here only once.
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